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Universal CNC AutoDoor for any brand of CNC machine

For the automatic opening of all brands of CNC machines, CNC AutoDoor has the largest range of standard plug & play servo-controlled door openers. Perfect in combination with cobots or robots or when you no longer want to burden your employees with manually opening the machine door. CNC AutoDoor door openers have been installed on thousands of existing and new CNC machines without any problems.

Why the CNC AutoDoor?

Plug & play installation

The CNC AutoDoor comes complete with smart installation software, mounting brackets, cables and a clear installation manual. This allows you to install the system within a few hours.

Universal system

The CNC AutoDoor can be connected to any brand of CNC machine. Installations have been carried out on machines from DN Solutions, Mazak, Okuma, DMG Mori, Hermle, Hyundai, Smec, Haas, Hardinge, Bridgeport, Mikron, Nakamura, Victor, Takisawa, MAS, Hwacheon and many others.

In stock

Whether it concerns a single, double or telescopic door opener: all models are available from stock. We keep stock in Europe and USA.

This is how the CNC AutoDoor works

CNC AutoDoor door openers are designed to automatically open and close the door(s) of CNC machines. The servo-controlled door openers are supplied with a control box equipped with a Siemens control module that is self-learning and automatically detects resistance. This makes the CNC AutoDoor 100% safe and can be used without additional limit switches, light curtains, pressure switches, etc. 

The CNC AutoDoor is supplied with a set of universal mounting brackets, so that the system can be mounted on any CNC machine. The door opener can be controlled by means of the I/O signals available in the CNC machine or additionally mounted push buttons. 

Naturally, the supplied manual explains in detail how to connect the CNC AutoDoor correctly and safely.

Why an automatic door opener?

Automation with a cobot or robot

Halter robot

Robot integrators and machine dealers know the problem: existing or new CNC machines are often not equipped with an automatic door opener. If the automatic door is not available as standard, the CNC AutoDoor is the perfect universal solution for any brand of CNC machine.​

Ergonomics: minimal strain on the CNC operator​​

A common problem for operators is that their arms and joints are overloaded due to frequent opening of the machine door. This can be solved by the CNC AutoDoor. The automatic door opener can be operated from the control panel of the CNC machine or with additional pressure sensors.
Additional economic advantage: The door opener will automatically open at the end of the machine cycle, making sure your employee will be able to see that the CNC machine has finished processing much more quickly!

CNC AutoDoor models are suitable for any brand of CNC machine